Elder Rapp's Testimony

Eu gostaria Prestar meu testumunho para vocês com amor. Que Esta obra do Senhor e a obra maravilhosa. Que realmente Esta Igreja A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ultimos Dias e a Igreja restaurado aqui na terra. Por meio do um rapaz de 14 anos a Igreja foi Restaurado novamante. Eu sei com todo meu coraçâo que as bençâos que nos podemos receber e atraves nosso obediencia ao mandamentosdo Pai Celestial. Eu amo asse Trabalho. Eu nunca pensei realmente a luz que eu posso trazer por tantas pessoas. Que realmente eu posso ajudar alguem a ter Fe em Nosso Salvador Jesus Cristo. Eu seui que ele vive que ele nos amo. So presisamo buscar ele em Oraçao e ele vai no ajudar. Eu amo cada um de vocês. Você sempre esta em meus oraçoes. Obrigado por todo que vocês fazem para mim. Te Amo!!! E eu digo estas coisa em nome do Meu Salvador e Redentor Jesus Cristo Amèn.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mon 3/02/09

Well one more great week down!!! We baptised a great guy on Saturday. He has a sister that is a member and she told us to go and teach him. He felt the spirit quickly and within 2 weeks was in the water. That is what like to see. This area rocks. Now know why everyone says it's the area that baptizes the most. The baptisms run to you. But hey you can´t relax. I have learned that already! So this week went well. Today we got a phone call to go resolve girlish problems of a companionship in our zone. These 2 are fighting for the dumbest reasons. Jr comp doesn´t want to follow sr comp. So we left our house this morning in a wicked rain storm. My only pair of shoes are full of water and I am wet up to my knees. Tomorrow we are going to go on a division with the assistants I'm going to Porto Alegre and Zanella will stay here. So this week we had alot of miracles happen. 12 people at church that are baptisms most likely. I love the food here there never is bad stuff to eat. I think I might get some weight on here. Hope not but it looks like I might. So did I tell y'all I adopted a cat? Everyday he comes to our bedroom window meaaaaw meaaaaw wanting food. So me being the nice guy that I am give him some bread or something. He is pretty cool. Sometimes he comes in the window while its open looking for us. He is pretty punk like he has bitten me a few times when a pet him. I think all cats do that. So I am out of stuff for today. There isn´t any thing else I can think of that happened this week. Oh it's raining cats and dogs out side and is going to rain hard like this for 3 days. Looks like the amazons the roads turn into rivers blah. 1 pair of shoes just doesn´t do it. But I cant find comfortable shoes. I tried the mission shoes they rip my feet to shreds like always. I need some adidas completely black. ahhh what a comforting though just basketball shoes here in a while. Well I will let you go. I love you all and am so very grateful for your love and support. Your prayers are truly felt. Give everyone a great big hug!!! MUAH have a great week. ELDER RAPP Congrats on you stamping abilities that is cool!!!!Daddy get better soon!!!