Elder Rapp's Testimony

Eu gostaria Prestar meu testumunho para vocês com amor. Que Esta obra do Senhor e a obra maravilhosa. Que realmente Esta Igreja A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ultimos Dias e a Igreja restaurado aqui na terra. Por meio do um rapaz de 14 anos a Igreja foi Restaurado novamante. Eu sei com todo meu coraçâo que as bençâos que nos podemos receber e atraves nosso obediencia ao mandamentosdo Pai Celestial. Eu amo asse Trabalho. Eu nunca pensei realmente a luz que eu posso trazer por tantas pessoas. Que realmente eu posso ajudar alguem a ter Fe em Nosso Salvador Jesus Cristo. Eu seui que ele vive que ele nos amo. So presisamo buscar ele em Oraçao e ele vai no ajudar. Eu amo cada um de vocês. Você sempre esta em meus oraçoes. Obrigado por todo que vocês fazem para mim. Te Amo!!! E eu digo estas coisa em nome do Meu Salvador e Redentor Jesus Cristo Amèn.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Hey y'all, I don´t have much time today because Elder Bradley was transferred. I have to go to Porto Alegre to get my new comp which means I am most likely training again. So Life is a rush today. Sorry I won´t write too much, but hey I talked to y'all last week. So I'll be traveling alot in the next day. Blah that's always a bummer. So I bought Andreas nativity today and a back pack as well. Send me some info on how much I have in my account before I try sending the box k. Well I love you all so very much you are always in my prayers. Keep hunting hard and sending pics. Muah happy new year. We have a baptism this week as well. whoohoo.ELDER RAPP

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well not much to tell y'all today as I will talk to you guys on Thursday. But it was one of my hardest weeks as a missionary as no one from the ward showed up to a baptism... the tears in her eyes, I will never forget. The sadness I felt to see a daughter of God not enter the baptismal font and make sacred covenants hurt. I'm doing better now but I lost all will to work. After the ward leaders went over and said sorry, I felt alot better but it still hurt more than anything I've ever felt. We are back up and working hard though. The Lord gives me strength every day and I am so grateful For him and his Love. So not this week but the next we should have a baptism of another young man. Working our butts off in this heat. Yesterday was unbearable and today the air is sooo humid, I wanna die. I thought missionaries couldn't swim, well just walking, I feel the water so I'm pretty much swimming. hahaha Man I make myself laugh. So I think that my son will be transferred on the 30th. Taking my boy away from me so that he can speak more Portuguese. So not much other than that. Wait !!! I bought 2 nativity scenes today that will make you melt. . Well we are going to call on the 24th again to give you times and such and numbers to call. So until then love you and sleep well. If you can even sleep. I'm excited to talk to you all. Tell Prudents to tell Zach that his best redneck buddy love him misses him and tells him to work his butt off!!! Exactly like that too! Love you all so very much!!! MUAH XOXOX!!!ELDER RAPP

Dear Family, I am writing to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I love this time of year as we reflect on the birth and life of our Savior Jesus Christ. We can each as members of the church show an example to the world of the importance of this special time of year. As a missionary last Christmas and in this Christmas season, I have been blessed to share the gospel with those who don´t know the importance of Jesus Christ. I would like to challenge each one of us to spread this wonderful Christmas spirit to all those that we come in contact with each day. Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Great holiday season. Be safe and be sure to spread the gospel message to all. I know that Jesus Christ blessed us with this wonderful gospel and that he Lived, died, and Lives and loves each one of us. ELDER RAPP

Hey everyone!! How's life on the cold side of the world? Its sure hot here. So our baptism fell through because her mom went into surgery. But good news is she'll be baptised this week. Well sounds like things are good at home. I'm getting excited to talk to you all next week. I will find out more about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is our Christmas conference in Pelotas. We will talk about the phone call next week in our emails. The 24th will call and confirm everything. Well don´t really have much to say this week. Nothing great happened. Just a normal week of working hard. Today we were in the center of the city and this lady came up ...all right guys where are you from? I didn´t understand her at first cause she spoke such good English. She is from California and she is here with a bunch of people touring Brazil think. So that is all that is going on here. Um I am going to send and email or two with pics and an email for the ward and for the family. Its lots faster for you to print them off and send them to a few people for Christmas. Will you please do that for me.Love you all !!!!ELDER RAPP

Hey y'all!! Hows everyone doing? I'm doing great, our three baptisms went through wonderfully. Always stressful but they went well. This Saturday we are going to baptise another young lady. The work is great but its flipping HOT!! It's that time of year again. Man I prefer the cold any day. So all is well here, we are finding tons of great people. We are having an easier time cause its Christmas time. This time of year people are a lot more open to hear us for some reason. Don´t know why but its great for us. We are looking at a sweet Christmas day though. Some of the rich folk invited us over to their house for Christmas. They are gonna kill a cow and roast it up the old fashioned way, I think. It will be fun and not to mention I'm gonna talk with you guys!! Only the best thing in the world né? Well hows the party at home? Everyone always there eating diner without me? This better stay a tradition when I get back or y'all are in trouble. This week we have a zone meeting and next week we have Zone conference in Pelotas. It will be sweet. We are probably gonna watch a movie like last year. That's all the good stuff going on here. We are doing great at working hard. Loving life and staying close to the Lord. I hope you all have an excellent week. Muah!!! Love you all!!!ELDER RAPP

Hello y'all! All is well on this side of the world and you guys, hows things going? We are going to baptise 3 this Saturday!!!!! Never worked sooo hard in my life. So all is going well. We are having quite the temps here as well. So no real interesting stories this week. We had a leadership meeting in Pelotas that helped me out alot in my callings. I am doing great though, nothing is too difficult, just at times stressful. You wanna hear something funny? I didn´t even know that last week was Thanks giving. I'm completely out of the world, don´t remember anything and don´t know English very well. Things are looking great for next year. Won´t know a lick of English just Portuguese. Maybe you should start learning so that we can talk. Well I don´t have a whole lot of time or things to say just that I love you guys and am always thinking about you all and praying you. Muah!!! Have a great week. ELDER RAPP

Can I just tell you guys that all the family pics made me trunky... Don´t worry we are working our butts off. Elder Bradley, my son that I´m training, poor guy is so tired cause we work so much. He goes to bed early and falls asleep every now and again in a lesson. Well a miracle happened this week. Karol a young lady we have been teaching that had some doubt about the law of chastity came up to me yesterday and asked me when the next Baptism would be so she could be baptised. We are looking at 4 baptisms on the 6th of December. Help Elder Bradley get some baptisms under his belt. He pretty much rocks. He speaks alot better Portuguese than I did when I was trained. He is a redneck from southern Utah that works on a pig farm so we get along just great. Its good to hear a good ol' redneck accent. Well all is going great. I'm looking forward to our Christmas zone conference. And after that a phone call from home. Start making plans to have everyone there. So it sounds like you all had a great week playing without me. All the pics made me happy. There was little green spots on all of them though, I don´t know why. So I have been thinking alot lately why the Lord would call me of all people as district leader and trainer... I always think of ether 12;27 and realized that that is what I needed to help me better myself to be a better missionary and to do everything expected of me. I find it interesting looking back on these last few months and seeing how much more progress I have made. It makes me feel good that this progress I´m making will help elder Bradley as well, grow fast in the language and in his ability to be an amazing missionary. My English sucks, my comp asks questions and I can´t respond . Lets just say Mykl speaks better that me. So this last week I bought some peanut butter off an Elder and a whole big package of oreos. HEAVEN!!!Well have a great week!! I love you all so very much!!!!ELDER RAPP

So things are crazy today. Transfers are tomorrow and Elder Fernandes is going away. I have to travel with him to Porto Alegre to get my new comp, which is most likely that I am training. The zone leaders said I am so that will be fun. If he is American, hopefully he speaks some Portuguese. When I got in the field, I didn´t speak a lick. So today is run run run and I don´t have time for anything. We have to travel and hour to the center of the city to stay the night so that tomorrow at 5 am we can catch the bus to poa. So things are good. We had another baptism on Saturday, and a record number week. Man we are kicking it good. 11 investigators in church with 6 looking really close to baptism. I'm in heaven loving my work and working my butt off. Have a great week . Enjoy your vacation. Have some fun in the snow for me and I expect some rockin family pics. Muah !!! Love you all so very much!!! Tell all of the Walsh's that I love them and miss them, but next year I'll be there.ELDER RAPPXOXOXOXOX!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hey guys, sorry that my email was so small last week. Stupid technology of today. So things are going well. We are working our butts off. and its flippin hot. I have the farmers tans again. Dying to get a good tan while you guys enjoy the snow for me. We had a baptism 2 weeks ago don´t know if I told you or not, and then these next three weeks we are looking to baptise every week. Are you guys all stoked for the condo? my last year I won´t get to go. Next year I'm gonna have a blast. So the zone conference we had went well. I love meetings because we learn so much. It always gives me a new look on things. Everyone outside of our areas has a better look on our work. So I totally got burned at conf. I need to be writing more in my journal the cool experiences I have. Its' hard because I've never had the habit of writing everyday. So I'm doing better on that side of things now. Hopefully I can get in the habit now. Today we are going to the beach again but this time we are going with some of the other elders and sisters to play a little soccer in the sand. It really hot so I don´t know if that will last very long. Well I'm running out of stuff to tell you guys. This week went very well our numbers went through the roof not having to stay at home with illness. We are kicking butt and we are gonna baptise, that's the good part. Well have a great week and I will talk to you all next week. Muah love you all so very much!!! oh I haven´t looked for nativities yet so don´t worry yet. But I'll let ya know when I go looking. ELDER RAPP

I just sent you the longest email ever and the stupid computer didn´t send it and I lost everything!!! I am out of time and in a hurry to get to an appointment. I 'm sorry it didn´t go thru. So I congratulated my dad and brother on their success. Told you all that my week was very stressful as I have 1 companionship struggling tons and I stayed at home 4 days studying and cleaning because my comp caught a wicked nasty virus. We finally got out of the house Saturday and yesterday as well. We had a baptism yesterday of Rosangela, she is a really cool lady. She has an amazing testimony of the gospel. one of the strongest I;ve baptised until now. I love you all so very much and will never use this computer again to have this happen again. Have a great week and I will write you all a great big letter next week. Thanks for everything you all mean the world to me. Muah love you favorite missionaryXOXOXELDER RAPP

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hey guys hows the worlds best family doing this week? Sounds like hunting isn´t going so well. Y'all need a great white hunter to put em down. There is a secret. U must b vewy vewy quiet. n den BOOM put r 2 da ground. I'm sending y'all some pics of a real hunter. A dove that I killed with a sling shot I made. I'm amazing. So this week was a great week. Tons of work. Things are improving. My baptism that was supposed to happen fell through because of girl problems, that time of the month. This is the 1st time that has happened in my mission but the 3rd or 4th in the last month in my zone. But no worries she will be baptised on Saturday. Hey guess what, good news I got a package this week from dear elder with peanut butter and oreos and tons of other great things. So I like the idea of just throwing money in the account for Christmas. It will be more effective and cheaper for all of us. So I found a nativity today but it's really ugly so didn´t buy it. I'll keep looking and let you know if I find one worth your $$$$ . Next week I will be going to Pelotas maybe I'll be able to make a stop and find a good one. So I am doing good. Lots of stress with the calling but it's normal. Just problems with helping out elders to be better elders and work harder. I'm doing a division with them tomorrow to see what the deal is and if it is in my reach to help them both out. Well I'm running out of time but just want to let you all know that I love you guys and am always thinking bout ya and praying for ya. Have a great week. Good luck in the hunting department I'm praying for ya to fill the tags. MUAH!!! XOXOXOXOXO love y'all!!!ELDER RAPP

I just sent you the longest email ever and the stupid computer didn´t send it and I lost everything!!! I am out of time and in a hurry to get to an appointment. I 'm sorry it didn´t go thru. So I congratulated my dad and brother on their success. Told you all that my week was very stressful as I have 1 companionship struggling tons and I stayed at home 4 days studying and cleaning because my comp caught a wicked nasty virus. We finally got out of the house Saturday and yesterday as well. We had a baptism yesterday of Rosangela, she is a really cool lady. She has an amazing testimony of the gospel. one of the strongest I;ve baptised until now. I love you all so very much and will never use this computer again to have this happen again. Have a great week and I will write you all a great big letter next week. Thanks for everything you all mean the world to me. Muah love you favorite missionaryXOXOXELDER RAPP

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hey y'all, Its always great to get a letter from everyone at once. Sorry I don´t have time to write everyone of you all the time. The time just passes by too fast and I type slow anyways. I hope you all understand. I love you all and am always thinking about you and praying for you. So we had a baptism Saturday. Everything went well. And this week we have another one. Starting out the transfer well. My district is has baptised 7 in 2 weeks. We have another 4 this week as a district. Wednesday we have interviews with Pres. Johnson. That is always a good thing. He always knows the answers to all of my questions. He is a very very smart man. Well all is going well here. Normal stress of life as a missionary. As a dl it is even worse. I tried calling some of my Elders last night to see how the week went for them and I ended up getting ahold of the slackers after 2 hours. They got home way after curfew and I had to show a little hard love. Stress. Don´t know why I was called to be D L but hey I'm learning a ton. So we wasted our whole day today trying to find some museums in town and they ended up being closed. grrrr we also tried to go to the ort once more, people can´t go in without working there. So internet is my only highlight of today. So I'm anxious to see some pics of a few 30 pointers hanging in the garage next week. Pass that on to my daddy and Bro. So its not as hot here on the bottom of the world. Bagé was wicked hot but here always has a breeze from the ocean. It's great. I don´t know how the summer will be however. So we turned the clock forward an Saturday what is the time difference now? So I am thinking that I'll only see my package here in the first week of November at zone conference. But I had something I wanted you guys to send me. ... don´t remember ... still nothing. One of those cheep o body armour from Walmart, remember the one I always was using. I think I still have that one if you all could take a look in my drawers or in a clothes box. Speaking of my stuff, is my room still how I left it or did you guys pack it all up and put it in a corner? Well my time is running down so I will rapp it up. hahaha rapp get it. I love you all so very much and can´t wait for all of my letters next week. MUAH!!!! Have an amazing week. ELDER RAPP

Hey y'all, Hows the worlds best family doing this week? Well life is full of nothing but great news... ready... ready... alright I´ll just tell ya. I was sent from Bagé to Pelotas Monday night from Pelotas to POA Tuesday morning and Tuesday afternoon another six hours back down to Rio Grande. My area sits on the beach. Ya baby, thats the life. I was Called to be district leader here. I have tons of responsibility now and less time to work. I threw down 4 baptismal interviews last Friday having never done one in my life. It went well. We are looking at 5 baptisms here soon. Hopefully we work out a few problems with an investigator and throw her in the water this week. The 25th we are looking at 4 more. The ward here is tons stronger than the last one. My first day here lunch was interesting. We got there a bit late and the guy is very retarded and didn´t give us lunch. But the spirit touched one of the Sisters in the ward and she had already prepared lunch. Heavenly father knows everything that will happen and watched out for 2 Elders that were hungry. Tomorrow I have to give my first district meeting training. OOOO don´t know how that one will go. No really it will go very well, I'm not worried at all. My companion from the ctm is a zone leader here . ELDER ZUNDEL will give me a hand if I need it. SO life is going great my new comp rocks. He has 6 months or so out and is a hard worker. We are doing well . A few very strange complications with some investigators but all will turn out well. So I loved the pics. I miss my family tons every time that I look at pics from home. Tell dad that when he puts the 30 pointer to the ground I would love to see some pics. . So hows my fam. Anything new and exciting. This will be the last year you all will go to the condo without me. Just don´t go cancel everything and never go any more. If all the kids have to chip in, we will so that we can always have our family trip. So the weather is alot colder down here. It gets chilly at night sometimes. I'm trying to send you all some pics from the beach but it's going way slow. I will send more next week at another internet place. Here is wicked slow and I'm not liking it. Hows Jordan doing tell him to write me. Tell everyone hello for me. Have a great week, know that everyone of you are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm going to start looking for nativity scenes soon so I will be needing the green stuff for that. I had to use money last week to travel because I had nothing but that money was reimbursable and I will get most of it back. Thanks for everything you all doing for me. Until next week MUAH!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! XOXOXOXELDER RAPP

Hey y'all!! I'm running like crazy today to get everything done. Transfers are tomorrow and I got the boot. I'm going to Pelotas at 5pm 2 your time, then from there I'll leave at 6 or so tomorrow morning and go back up to Porto Alegre. Sweet, I'll be able to go back to the temple. So that pic in the cardboard box, I actually slept in that box that night. I think I'll stay at that house again tonight so I'll pull it out again and sleep in it. Hey sweet story... I killed a dove this last week and just happened to have churrasco for lunch with some members... Thinking what I was thinking. Ya baby, I cooked him up and ate me a dove. O churrasco meat we use alot of ribs and normal cuts off the cows and pork and chicken. The drumsticks are wicked sweet. So conference was so great. I only saw Sundays sessions. But they were good ones. The apostles really were throwing down the hard core burns on people. They told it how it was for sure. I just laughed. I watched it in English, it's alot better that way anyways. The translators don´t usually get the funnies in there very well. We had 6 investigators there. Man I've never been so happy in my life. But now that we are going to baptize, they are kicking my butt out of Bage and sending me back to POA. Well I love you all and am so grateful for the sacrifices you have made for me so that I can be here. Muah xoxox It means the world to me. Well have a great week and next week I´ll let you all know where I'm at and who my new comp is. Love you all !!!!ELDER RAPP

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oi y'all,Hows my favorite fam doing this week? I'm doing great!!! This week was one of my best in this area. I didn´t baptize but it was still one of the best working weeks here. We have been teaching Cinara for something like 5 months. Wanting her to separate from her bf or get married. She ended up getting separated and we thought we were gonna baptize but we went back to do the baptismal interview no one could find her. Well with enough faith anything is possible. We went into a members home knelt down in prayer and asked for her to show up and give a good reason to be baptised or not as she likes drama. Well she showed up. Prayers are heard and answered I can testify to that. She told us she cant live alone without `making cookies`as Andrea would say. OOOOOO So that baptism will have to wait a little longer to gain a testimony on the law of chastity. Bummer I know but I know she´ll get her head on straight. Well it has been hotter than CRAP this week!! throwing down 90´s and the humidity. Its only spring so why the heck is this going on? Life is like this though. Summer is getting closer now. I'm so excited for General conference. It is the best tool I have as a missionary. The best opportunity for investigators to feel the spirit and gain a testimony of a living prophet. O it will be so great. Its my 3rd conf and I only have 1 more then I have to go home. Scary. This week I've been out 14 months that's 1 year in the field. Wow that's really crazy to see how much I've grown and how much I've accomplished. I wish every young man would take this opportunity and fly. It is so rewarding and has taught me and still teaches me so much. We threw down another churrasco today. I have been name the gaucho here, man I cook a mean churrasco. Well have to make one the first week when I get home. Is meat as expensive there as it is here? Man we use a ton of money in one day of partying as a district. Today was 10 a person so it was 80 bucks or so. So I did something Saturday that has been about a year and a half since I,ve done it. Guess guess... ... ... I Welded. Never though I would go to Brasil on my mission for 1 and 2 I would end up welding.; Bam, I'm good. The Bishop liked my work. But something horrible happened. He didn´t have a welding hood for me to use so I burnt the crap out of my eyes. To put the story straight, I didn´t sleep that night because my eyes hurt so bad. But I gained 1 more testimony of the priesthood. 4:30 in the morning, I woke my comp up to give me a blessing. Slept like a baby after that. I was dumb in the first place to not use any protection. We did The helping hands project that the church is known for world wide. I painted walls, welded and ate a bunch of food. So, that was my good week. I hope you enjoy your longer email this week. It wasn´t boring and it was full of stories. I love you all so very much!!! Keep being great. Be missionaries always. Muah Love you all!!!ELDER RAPP Enjoy conference!! Take notes. Go into it with ?´s in mind. They will be answered I promise. Invite some nonmembers over to watch a session or two or even all four!!!

I just sent you the longest letter and it didn´t send for who knows why!!! I am angered much!!! Sorry I wont have time to send a long one now. I'm gonna send you some pics to make up for the lost letter that is who knows where. I love you all so very much. This week went well. I went Tuesday to Pelotas to renew my visa. That was great. Good to see all my buds from the ctm. Saturday was gaucho day. There was a parade of over 8000 horses. Ya horses and gauchos it was awesome. We took the chance to give out pass along cards. Hope some one calls. No baptisms yet . 11th of October but transfers are the 6th. Don´t think I'll be here for that one. Well I'm running out of time so I gots to go. I love you !!! MUAHH!! Forgive me for the dumb puter.ELDER RAPP

Hey guys!! Its great to hear that all is well up there. All is great here. A bit slow on the baptism side of things but other than that we are working hard to have some soon. The one that is closest seems to be running away and given us quite a run for our money. We'll keep trying to get in touch with her and pray hard that it turns out right. We had zone conf this last Wednesday, man it was great. It always makes me want to work harder and do all I can to be better. It's difficult at times but the Lord knows what he is doing and how to mold us for the better. It always makes me think of Ether 12-27 and our weaknesses which I think I have more than any one else. The Bolivia thing is pretty complicated. Brasil and them are having some problems so they are fighting over there. That would be the reason that they have taken out the missionaries. But I don´t think it'll move over to this side of the line. This week has been rather stressful for me. With conference we lost a day of work which in the end effects our numbers and then the leaders get on my back to get our numbers up. Then the Bishops son almost got himself killed when he shot me in the head with the fire extinguisher at the church yesterday. That stuff flipping burns!!! I had to have some serious control to not beat him to the ground. I'm learning tons though. Patience seems to be the thing I am mostly learning. Well I took out a bit of money today cause I have to travel to Pelotas tomorrow to renew my visa. What a head ache that will be. Just means I'm getting old. I'm not wanting to get old cause I'm content where I'm at. This work is alot more worth it than anything else. Saturday is gaucho day a holiday here. They are going to have churrascos, rodeos, a horse run up the main street in town. This is my kind of holiday baby. Nothing but red-necks. Well I'm running out of stuff to tell y'all this next week will hopefully be full of good news and great stories. I love you all and pray for each and everyone of you everyday!!! MUAHH !!! Have a great week.ELDER RAPP

Monday, September 8, 2008

Woo hoo pics!

Wow what a week! This week has been a rush. We had stake conference so it was run run run and invite everyone to church. My baptism that was set for Saturday fell through because she didn´t go to church. Grrr life is full of ups and downs. Seems like more downs and tons of work. This week the weather was miserable. Like 30 degrees with wind, rain and tons of broken umbrellas. # umbrellas that broke of mine were 3 and that is what is breaking me. I can´t afford to buy any more so it's just suffer. So today we all threw together some money and bought some meat and threw down a wicked churrasco. I sent you some pics on my other email cause this one doesn´t send them very fast. I hope you like them. Tell Jordan that you have them. He's been wanting some pics of his Bro. This week we are going 4 hours to Pelotas for zone conf. Wednesday is when we´ll be there. Well thats all I have. Lots of info but a small email still, sorry but its difficult to send ya the same stuff every week when times are tough. Hey that fat elder with chimarrão is my comp. He rocks! He is exactly like me. Well I love you all so very much and can´t wait to hear from y'all next week. Muahh xoxoxo!!! ELDER RAPP

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hey y'all there in Idaho!!!!Today is 13 month gone and only 9 and a bit in the front. Sorry about the short letter last week. It was run run run getting my comp off to the bus station. It was good to work with Elder Sousa but I'm glad I have a new companion. My patience I think was on the last string. My new comp is E. Martins from Piauí. A greeny with 3 months out. He actually is exactly like me. Likes to joke and have a good time and work hard. He makes me a lil trunky when he reads his letters from his girly friend and looks at pics. Definitely greeny and he still has alot of faith that she´ll be there in 2 years. Well lets see right. So all is well. Looking forward to some baptisms. It been a months or so of just trying to find and teach. Life as a missionary isn´t the easiest thing but definitely worth it. We are hoping for a baptism in the next couple of weeks. We are helping a lady stop smoking and get married. That always seems to be the set back. Law of chastity and word of wisdom. So I'm so excited for my best redneck buddy going on a mission. But I'm not gonna see the kid for a long time. When you guys get his mission addy please send it to me. I gots to write him. This week is going to be stake conference in Bagé. Have to work extra hard to get investigators there. That's seems to be the difficulty here in this area. Everyone live a thousand miles out of town and don´t have money to get to church. This week has been ridiculously hot and muggy 100% humidity is back and this month starts spring and then the last summer in Brasil. ooopah what am I gonna do ? My time is going by way to fast and i still have to do soooo much. I'm working hard though and that's what is making the time fly by so fast. The difficulties come and go. And with every new transfer and new companion it gives a new drive to work harder. How's my family doing up there. Getting ready for a new winter hunting season that's a thing I miss Hanging out in the hills with my family. Well Today was alot longer i hope you enjoy it. Its hard to write tonz cause there isn´t much going on its just work work work all day long and the normal troubles of finding people that are ready to accept the gospel. Well I love you all and love you so very much!! MUAH!! ELDER RAPP O I haven´t bought a suit. I think I'll just be skinny with a huge suit for the next year so I don´t have to pack it around with me.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Two letters

Hey guys!! Sorry I don´t have much time today. This week is transfers and my comp has alot to do to get ready to leave. I'm staying, whoohoo. I don´t know who my new comp is but I'll keep y'all in on the news when he gets here. Its been quite a day today. Just run run run. And clean the apartment as well. This week went very well I'm happy to say. no problems or stress. It rained pretty good through out the week. My stupid umbrella broke again that's #3 in 1 year. It's life though right. Its supposed to be wicked hot tomorrow. 30 degrees C don´t remember the stuff anymore in American degrees. Well I'm doing great now. Ready for a little change. See if my new comp will be great. It is really good to have problems to be honest. I learn a ton everyday. Although very difficult. So hows life in Idaho this week? I'm gonna go to all the new temples that I've never been to when I get home. OOO I had churrasco yesterday. Man I out eat everyone in the world when it comes to meat. My comp didn´t eat it unless it was dry. Blahh you chew it for 5 hours but when its nice and juicy you rock it. Jordan bought a car with tranny problems? I'm gonna kick his butt. He doesn´t know how much money trannys cost, and then labor on top of that. Better pray the school will put it in for him. Hey we all learn by our mistakes ne. And my redneck bro Zach is getting out there next week. Man I'm so excited for him. He is gonna love it. It's tough ya but the best work I've ever done. Well I was thinking this week if I asked y'all for new rechargeable batteries that I've been needing for a while now. I'd buy em but they are like 30 bones for 4 of them here. I'm not a rich guy. Well I'm getting low on time so I'll call it an email even though it was a small one. Sorry again for the short time frame today I'll be better next week. And hey I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! have a great week.ELDER RAPP

Hey Guys and Girls haha Hows life up there in Idaho? Life down here is getting me pretty good this week. After a long week of silence I have been waiting for a good pday. Elder hasn´t talked this week. He just ignores me. Saddnessssss!!! So I'm pretty much on the down side this week. Pray that things get better ne. Only one more week and we´ll go our separate ways. He is a great guy and awesome missionary but has his sides that defiantly are strange. So this week has been cold and wet. lota rain and wind and freezing cold. But hey I'm doing great. I'm happy and just making the best of it. For sure I'm learning alot. I was reading D and C the other day and came across the part I needed most. Section 121 where Joseph is in jail and praying for help. This week has been like that. In jail, cold, full of frustration but Heavenly Father gave me plenty of opportunities to feel his love just like the Profet Joseph Smith. He works miracles in my life. I was called to be here and was prepared to have experiences like these ones. Well hows my fam. doing this week? BBQ again? Hey this better still be a tradition when I get home. Andrea Told me she took a mango to have my spirit there. Hey, fruit is where I'm at baby. And BBQ as well. Hopefully we´ll have churrasco on Sunday. I'm hoping because its been 4 months since I've eaten a good chunk of Churrasco. Well I love you all and pray for each one of you always. MUAHH!!!! ELDER RAPP

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hello my loving family,Life is going good here. I will try to make this longer today ok. It has been a rough week for me. I was really sick with the flu and without energy to do anything. Good thing Heavenly Father gave me strength to work. It was a rough three days of pain. But I'm all better now. My companion is officially driving me crazy! He is seriously in touch with his feminine side. He asks every girl in the world what kind of hair products and skin products he should use. Dude you have got to be kidding me, I don´t even use sunscreen and he uses all this crud. The flu luckily left me but now he has it and does nothing but sleep. REALLY hard to work when he doesn´t want to. PATIENCE is a virtue that I don´t have. Well the work is improving slowly. We are being pounded with stupid questions from leaders about our numbers. Being a leader is not something I am going to be. eee it would be nice but all they think about is ###numbers###, not souls, not people. A bit frustrating at times. Well I'm feeling a lot of heat this past week it's ridiculous. Where is a good winter when I want it. It is supposed to start raining tomorrow and get cold again though. I'm ready for the cold!! Mommy can you send sacred grove pictures to me? Please send them in an email and I'll get em off and print em. So whats the news in Idaho, anything cool and new? I haven´t much to say here still. It would help if it wasn´t the same stuff and difficulties week after week. Well I Love you all and hope you have a great week!!! Muahh!!!ELDER RAPP

Hey y'all!!! Thanks so much for all of the letters. I'm glad I have a great family like you guys. Some elders don´t even get letters from anyone so I'm truly blessed. Well we are doing good this week. Things are a little tough. My comps dad is going in for surgery Thursday and he's known about it for a while, so its driving him crazy. Its affecting our work but our leaders don´t seem to be understanding about it. They just ask me stupid questions like I don´t know how to work. Man it gets me a little down. They don´t help me out they just make me bummed and wanting to to another area. Patience is a virtue that I think I have and then the Lord shows me I don´t. We'll keep working on it though. It's tough but nothing that gets thrown at me will be out of my abilities to handle. I really don´t want to be a leader in the mish because of stuff like this it´s frustrating. Well I loved all of your letters!!! Sorry I never have time to write everyone every week. If I could I for sure would. I love hearing all the cool family stories. The spirit really touched me this week with the special occasions and testimonies of you all. I know that this is where I need to be. I hope everyone knows that I love them and that is the reason I am sacrificing a slight time in my life for my Savior. There really is no other place I´d rather be. Sure it isn´t always easy but it in the tough times that I learn the most. The Lord works in our lives everyday to teach us how to be more like him. He has set a great example for me. I hope I can be a little bit of an example for the people here in my areas. Thanks for the love and support. And btw that shirt burned like no other, man it was good to play with fire. Muah!!! Love you all so very much!!!ELDER RAPP

Friday, August 1, 2008

Woo hoo!

We made it to the year mark! I can't believe he has been gone one year already. In some ways it was fast, but in others it was like forever. On the days that I am thinking about him and missing him it drags. I love you Elder Rapp! Work hard and enjoy your last year!

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Oops forgot to post his letter

Hey y'all. Hows my fam doing this week? I'm doing great. this week was a good week for sure but with some stories for sure. Well good news, we baptised the twins finally! So 2 more baptisms, that's the life. It took a while, I learned a ton. Man that was 2 of the hardest baptisms in the world. After the baptism the fun part of the story comes in. Elder Sousa blew up and told me I am not qualified to be senior comp and that he should be cause he is 25 and has 6 months on the mish. hahaha Oh my head was really hurting Sat. night after talking with district leaders and zone leaders to get the feelings all out and solve the problem. Blah that was the biggest fight in the history of my mission. Oh by the way I'm getting old. One year down and so much yet to do. I don´t even want to think about going home yet. Life here is tough but it is great. I have to work and go to school when I'm at home. Maybe I'll just have to hang out with the fam for a couple of weeks before starting anything serious. Well its flippin cold and rainy and miserable, but hey it,s life. Wed. we have zone conf. we have to go to Pelotas. 3 hours in a van full of missionaries. I imagine that it can get interesting. I had something to have you send me but I forgot now. Sorry next week maybe I'll remember. I'm really out of things or cool stories to tell sorry I'll try to make next week longer k. muah love ya. Hey whats my website eh I forgot? I love you all so very much!!!ELDER RAPP

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hey y'all!!! All is going great. It cold rainy and windy but we are hanging in there. There is an Elder from Rexburg that is 3 months old that just got to my district. He isn´t an Idaho redneck like I thought. He likes the stuff Jordan does, snowboarding and skateboarding. Man I miss that Idaho accent. He talks really funny and to think I have that. Only on a worser degree, the redneck side of things. Man are we gonna keep up these family get togethers when I get home? I choose churrasco for my first dinner Brasilian style aight. Sounds great to me, and some good old deer, elk and fish. Man I miss those great foods, but rice and beans will always be a fav. now. Horrible news... my 2 baptisms fell through again. I'm sad. 2 young men 10 years old with problems related with pornography. Man I'm gonna punch Satan in the noggin when I get a chance. He is fighting against my hard work. Its teaching me alot though. I'm so very grateful for the opportunity I have to spend these two years serving my Savior. He said it wouldn´t be easy but said it would be worth it, and I have a firm testimony about that now. Me and my comp are doing better now. We threw it down Thursday and got rid of all the little things so that we can work together and have the spirit again. It worked out great and all is well now. We have a flipping infestation of fleas in our appartment grrrrr. I hate them lil buggers, I'm gonna burn the house down. They bite and then it itches and is miserable. I have to teach the young men because we don´t have a teacher for them. Sunday was about missions and mission prep. Man it rocked. I made them name tags and did some alternations on a mission call in Portuguese and called them to different places around the world. It was a success for sure, they all liked it. Well I'm gonna try to do all I can to baptise these young men soon. I'm not sure when it will be but I'm praying for a baptism soon. Well I love you all so very much and am so very grateful for my amazing family!!! ELDER RAPP

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hey y'all!!! We had a baptisms yeah!! Supposed to have been 3, but two fell through at the last minute but we will throw them in the water this week or next week. No worries, this is the Lords work. It all works out in his time. It's flippin HOT, 80´s 90´s with 100% humidity BLAH!! Where is my cold winters when I need them? I don´t really have any cool stories for you all this week. We had a great week now that we baptized, there is nothing better than that. We are working hard and doing our best to keep things rolling here. My comp and I had a good week with out any disagreements. Transfers are tomorrow and we are staying together, but we are gonna rock the baptisms this transfer. We both have little red itchy bumps all over our bodies. I finally called sis Johnson and asked her for help cause I'm not so smart one and everything I try doesn´t work out. I'm stubborn but I asked for help now. Has that Zach kid sent in his papers yet? I'm totally waiting to know about his progress and his call but he doesn´t email me back now. punk! I'm gonna kick his butt. My district all got together today and I made pizza from scratch and we ate it and played uno. Great p-day for sure. Thanks for always teaching me how to cook mom, it really comes in handy in the mission field. Hey Ive almost hit a year I'm gonna burn a shirt whooohooo. I love fire . Well life is going good. I love you all and am so very grateful for your prayers in my behalf. ELDER RAPP When you send a package can you send some rings an 8 and a 9 pppplease. muah love you!!!