Elder Rapp's Testimony

Eu gostaria Prestar meu testumunho para vocês com amor. Que Esta obra do Senhor e a obra maravilhosa. Que realmente Esta Igreja A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ultimos Dias e a Igreja restaurado aqui na terra. Por meio do um rapaz de 14 anos a Igreja foi Restaurado novamante. Eu sei com todo meu coraçâo que as bençâos que nos podemos receber e atraves nosso obediencia ao mandamentosdo Pai Celestial. Eu amo asse Trabalho. Eu nunca pensei realmente a luz que eu posso trazer por tantas pessoas. Que realmente eu posso ajudar alguem a ter Fe em Nosso Salvador Jesus Cristo. Eu seui que ele vive que ele nos amo. So presisamo buscar ele em Oraçao e ele vai no ajudar. Eu amo cada um de vocês. Você sempre esta em meus oraçoes. Obrigado por todo que vocês fazem para mim. Te Amo!!! E eu digo estas coisa em nome do Meu Salvador e Redentor Jesus Cristo Amèn.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hey guys!! Its great to hear that all is well up there. All is great here. A bit slow on the baptism side of things but other than that we are working hard to have some soon. The one that is closest seems to be running away and given us quite a run for our money. We'll keep trying to get in touch with her and pray hard that it turns out right. We had zone conf this last Wednesday, man it was great. It always makes me want to work harder and do all I can to be better. It's difficult at times but the Lord knows what he is doing and how to mold us for the better. It always makes me think of Ether 12-27 and our weaknesses which I think I have more than any one else. The Bolivia thing is pretty complicated. Brasil and them are having some problems so they are fighting over there. That would be the reason that they have taken out the missionaries. But I don´t think it'll move over to this side of the line. This week has been rather stressful for me. With conference we lost a day of work which in the end effects our numbers and then the leaders get on my back to get our numbers up. Then the Bishops son almost got himself killed when he shot me in the head with the fire extinguisher at the church yesterday. That stuff flipping burns!!! I had to have some serious control to not beat him to the ground. I'm learning tons though. Patience seems to be the thing I am mostly learning. Well I took out a bit of money today cause I have to travel to Pelotas tomorrow to renew my visa. What a head ache that will be. Just means I'm getting old. I'm not wanting to get old cause I'm content where I'm at. This work is alot more worth it than anything else. Saturday is gaucho day a holiday here. They are going to have churrascos, rodeos, a horse run up the main street in town. This is my kind of holiday baby. Nothing but red-necks. Well I'm running out of stuff to tell y'all this next week will hopefully be full of good news and great stories. I love you all and pray for each and everyone of you everyday!!! MUAHH !!! Have a great week.ELDER RAPP