Elder Rapp's Testimony

Eu gostaria Prestar meu testumunho para vocês com amor. Que Esta obra do Senhor e a obra maravilhosa. Que realmente Esta Igreja A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ultimos Dias e a Igreja restaurado aqui na terra. Por meio do um rapaz de 14 anos a Igreja foi Restaurado novamante. Eu sei com todo meu coraçâo que as bençâos que nos podemos receber e atraves nosso obediencia ao mandamentosdo Pai Celestial. Eu amo asse Trabalho. Eu nunca pensei realmente a luz que eu posso trazer por tantas pessoas. Que realmente eu posso ajudar alguem a ter Fe em Nosso Salvador Jesus Cristo. Eu seui que ele vive que ele nos amo. So presisamo buscar ele em Oraçao e ele vai no ajudar. Eu amo cada um de vocês. Você sempre esta em meus oraçoes. Obrigado por todo que vocês fazem para mim. Te Amo!!! E eu digo estas coisa em nome do Meu Salvador e Redentor Jesus Cristo Amèn.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Funny story, I told Jessica about the dog and told a little bit more than the truth and she told me she hopes all goes well with the surgery. HAHAHa I make myself laugh. Blonds think everything is the truth!!! I'm doing great here. Man the weather is cold. Yesterday was the coldest day of work yet, 4 degrees Celsius not sure the exchange rate. Windy and flippin cold. Guess what? I'm senior now. Pres called me the day of transfers, Elder Rapp are you ready for this... I sure hope I am Pres. I couldn't´t have asked for a better comp to help me out, he rocks. E Sousa. He's from Sao Paulo. He is great. A little bit slow getting stuff done but does a great job. He's an old man 25 almost 26, and I haven´t even gotten to 20 yet. One week yea, and it lands on p-day. We are having churrasco with the Bishop and going bowling with the zone leaders. Hope all turns out well. Don´t worry about not having the package out yet. I understand 100 percent. Hey my fingers are shrinking with the weight loss and cold. Can ya send me some more ctr rings 8 and 9 to see if they'll work. Can´t say no cause it for my b-day. So hows things going for you all? Life is warming up there ne? Hey, I'm gonna keep looking for a suit. Ill try and get a cheap one. We'll see how things look . I'll let ya know. Dude, we had a pizza party Monday night cause all of our comps hadn´t arrived yet. They got here Tuesday but ya. 5 pizzas 6 elders and 4 liters of pop. Barbaridade it was good. Homemade pizza is always better than the pizzas from the pizza place. Well have a great week. I love you all and am always praying for ya!!! ELDER RAPP