Elder Rapp's Testimony

Eu gostaria Prestar meu testumunho para vocês com amor. Que Esta obra do Senhor e a obra maravilhosa. Que realmente Esta Igreja A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ultimos Dias e a Igreja restaurado aqui na terra. Por meio do um rapaz de 14 anos a Igreja foi Restaurado novamante. Eu sei com todo meu coraçâo que as bençâos que nos podemos receber e atraves nosso obediencia ao mandamentosdo Pai Celestial. Eu amo asse Trabalho. Eu nunca pensei realmente a luz que eu posso trazer por tantas pessoas. Que realmente eu posso ajudar alguem a ter Fe em Nosso Salvador Jesus Cristo. Eu seui que ele vive que ele nos amo. So presisamo buscar ele em Oraçao e ele vai no ajudar. Eu amo cada um de vocês. Você sempre esta em meus oraçoes. Obrigado por todo que vocês fazem para mim. Te Amo!!! E eu digo estas coisa em nome do Meu Salvador e Redentor Jesus Cristo Amèn.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Oi Meu Familia!!! ‏ 3/24/08

Hello all, How is my favorite family? Things are going good here. We are trying to get the work going again. This last week was a slow one. No one at home because of the holidays. Brazil and holidays, its crazy. So I'm going to have to receive 2 calls on Mothers day I'm assuming. Mom and dad will be in NYC and the rest of you at home. So I think that is how it will have to be. You better buy phone cards for two places then huh!! Things are still HOT here, I'm going on like 11 months of heat and loving it. But when the cold gets here I think I'm going to die. A year of heat and then freezing cold temps arrive. Will be fun. But hey I'm prepared for some cold temps. I miss the cold to be honest. So I'm still with an anti American comp, It's hard to hear someone talk so bad about my home but I'm learning to block that out. Then all is good. Sing in my head or do something to not pay attention. Did I mention I'm a clean freak I'm always cleaning after him. From never cleaning my room to a shining house you all should be proud of me. Well not much cool news this week. It was kind of a drag but went fast if that makes any sense. I caught a tarantula the other day that was soo cool. He was BIG I know I'm crazy you don't have to tell me. And spent 12 hours Saturday rebuilding a house so a member can live in there. It is my last 3 converts house 3 women that know nothing about a house, it was interesting. I had fun though. I have no idea how they were living there before. O something cool, I ate an ant the other day and it turned out to be a fire ant.... Ya not smart he burned the crap out of me and my mouth. Well that it for fun nothing else. I hope you all have an amazing week and I will be waiting for lots of emails k? Muah love you guys!!! ELDER RAPP